Sunday, 22 December 2013

BCM4313, Wlan, in Fedora 20, works out of the box with only open-source software.

The Wlan-chip in my laptop seems to work without and extra software installed in this edition. Not bad, even though this is expected, the hardware is old.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fedora 20 first impression

  1. Installing Fedora 20 in virtualbox on Windows 7 - no go :(
  2. Installing Fedora 20 in virtualbox and Linux Mint - Seems to work ok, Youtube works with html5. Slow graphics.
  3. Installing Fedora 20 on my laptop i5 with 2.5 ghz and SSD, works wonderful.

I have to say Gnome has made some improvements to the new GUI introduced in Fedora 15, I did not like it by then. But now when I use Linux mint I feel sort of handicapped by the Cinnamon-interface that it has, which I have favored until now. I am still unsure about the Fedora 20 - Gnome 3 version for my Desktop computer though.

Fedora automatically integrates with Facebook and Gmail messaging services with the use of what I think is mostly Gnomes functionality, and of course that Facebook and Gmail has apis for this. This means that messaging always looks the same regardless of which messaging service is used. There is a small problem with this though, when some services are available, you would like everything to go through the computer, like SMS, skype, etc. Anyway, this means that messaging will be very tightly integrated into the gui, which is very smart.

Also I like the fact that everything went very smoothly and there were no bugs in the installation or anything like that. Obviously Fedora is hardcore only open source, so I can not blame it for not working with the Windows 7 VirtualBox solution. I am pretty sure this is due to my VirtualBox Extension Pack.

I even downsized a linux mint partition to make room for fedora and everything was automatic. Both systems still work. Maybe this has always worked thou, I think I have only tried to downsize ntfs or fat partitions with Windows before.

Installing flash was easy, just follow instructions, download the YUM-package from adobe. However I had to open a terminal and use the command "sudo yum install flash-plugin" as the GUI application would not find this package. Not very intuitive, it is probably doable in GUI but the terminal was faster for me.

More laters...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Skype in fedora 20, sound fix.

  1. Go to and download the package for Fedora 16-32bit.
  2. Fix the sound
    1. sudo yum install nano
    2. sudo nano /usr/share/applications/skype.desktop
    3. Change line 4 to: 
    4. Exec=env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 skype %U
  3. Start skyping!